How can we help you?

  1. Get help online with NHS Inform
  2. Get fast help from a Pharmacist
  3. Contact your Doctors online
  4. Book an appointment on the telephone. Surgery contact telephone numbers.
  5. Getting Help when the Surgery is Closed

Getting the Help You Need

Every day GP Practices are seeing hundreds of patients all with different needs, requests and health backgrounds.

New ways of working have been introduced and consultations are offered in a range of ways to best meet the individual needs of each patient depending on what they are seeking an appointment for, and to help practices to see as many patients as possible each day.

For further information please see getting the Help You Need on the NHS Grampian website.

Get fast help from a Pharmacist

Your pharmacist can help with various conditions such as minor cuts, sprains, aches, colds, headaches, rashes, cystitis. 

Pharmacist help, including a local pharmacy search tool

Contact your Doctors online

Fill out a simple online form to get advice and treatment by the end of the next working day. Messages will not be read Monday to Friday between the hours of 6pm to 9am. Please contact 111 during out of hours or 999 if this is an emergency.

See Consult with your Doctor online for further information.

When we are Closed

If you need medical help fast when we are closed, telephone 111. You should only telephone 111 if you are too ill to wait until your GP practice reopens.

In life threatening emergencies such as chest pain and severe shortness of breath you should call 999

Further information can be found on our Urgent Problems page.

Online Consultations

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