Practice Clinics & Services

Adolescent Health Service

We recognise that it is sometimes difficult for teenagers to pluck up courage to come and see us at the health centre, but want to reassure you that anything you come to see us about is totally confidential - even if you are under 16. If you find it too difficult to approach us directly for appointments, advice or information you can contact your school nurse who will assist you in this.

Antenatal Clinics

Antenatal clinics are held at Inverurie Health Centre and Kintore surgery. Antenatal classes are arranged on an ongoing basis.

For information on on preparing for pregnancy, the roles of your GP, Community Midwife, Health Visitor and Hospital Clinics in the provision of your ante-natal and post-natal care, please view our Pregnancy Care page.

Asthma Clinics & Reviews

Appointments are available at Inverurie and Kintore with our Asthma Nurses. The Family Health Team also run an asthma clinic for children aged up to twelve years.

Annual Asthma Review

This is for patients who are due an annual asthma review. You can use our online form to submit your review to us, or alternatively drop into the surgery and we can provide you with a paper form to complete.

If your symptoms are deteriorating or you have any concerns, please make an appointment to the respiratory nurse as well.

Access the Asthma Annual Review

Cardiac Review Clinic

Cardiac review clinic is run by two specially trained nurses.  Appointments are available at Inverurie and Kintore.

Family Health Team Clinic

The Family Health Team hold immunisation clinics, child assessment clinics and child health clinics at Inverurie Health Centre and Kintore surgery. There are also additional parenting and postnatal clinics held. Enuresis clinics are by prior arrangement with the patient.

NB: Immunisation, assessments, hearing/eye checks are by appointment only.

Flu Vaccinations

An influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for patients with heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes and residents of nursing and care homes. An invitation letter will be sent to all patients aged over 65 and in any of the at-risk categories each September for the flu vaccination.

Further information can be found in our Influenza Health Guide.

Medicals and Certificates

Insurance, LGV, PSV, driving etc medicals are performed outside normal appointment times. Please arrange an appointment at reception.

Almost all reports, medicals and certificates done outwith General Medical Services will attract a fee. Please contact the Practice for information.

Phlebotomist Clinics

The Phlebotomists run clinics daily at Inverurie and Kintore surgeries for blood tests, INRs and blood pressure tests.

Pill Review Clinic

Appointments are available at Inverurie and Kintore, clinics are run by our Practice Nurses.

Practice Nursing

General Nursing

The Practice Nurses are responsible for many lifestyle clinics and are also Involved In taking ECGs and blood tests. They carry out a wide variety of clinics Including epilepsy, smear, blood pressure, INR, travel Immunisation, pill review and asthma.

Specialist Practice Nursing

They is responsible for the care of people with asthma, COPD (emphysema and bronchitis) and high blood pressure. These conditions should be monitored regularly and the specialist practice nurses can offer diagnostic testing, monitoring, support and advice. Clinics are run in Inverurie and Kintore.

Treatment Room Nurses

They provide a wide range of services in the health centre including wound dressing, immunisations, management of minor problems and injuries plus urine testing. Appointments can be made through the receptionists.

Travel Immunisations / Vaccinations

Please make an appointment at least eight weeks in advance of your holiday to ensure adequate cover. A charge will be made for certain immunisations and vaccinations that are not covered by the NHS. A list of these charges is available at reception.

Further information can be found on our Travel Health and Immunisations page.