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Top Tips for eConsult

Try to choose the specific medical condition you wish to consult about

If you know or are fairly certain what condition you are suffering from please select “I want help for my condition” and then pick the condition from the list. This provides us with the most appropriate information for your condition.

You may find some questions seem repetitive but please answer as fully as possible, they help inform the doctor who is reviewing your information.

Include a nominated pharmacy if a prescription is likely to be required

If you think the doctor may prescribe medication for you please include the name of your preferred pharmacy when answering this section. This will help us to direct your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Prescriptions cannot be collected from the surgery during the Covid 19 pandemic.

To attach a photo you must pick a specific condition

Please include a photograph whenever you think it will be useful.  This is especially important if you have a rash so we can more easily reach a diagnosis.

Select “I want help for my condition” and then select either:

  • Any of the dermatology type conditions (e.g. acne, rash, hives, eczema, warts etc)
  • Breast problems for both men and women
  • Cold or flu , or
  • Eye based templates

Need help to attach a photo? See How to upload a photo while submitting an eConsult.

General Advice

Try to chose General Advice only when your condition is unknown or it does not fit into any of the condition categories.

eConsult Information Video

Find out more about eConsult by watching the eConsult Information Video:

eConsult patient facing video

Patient Services

Online services allow you to:

  • book, check or cancel appointments with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional 
  • order repeat prescriptions

How to Register for Patient Services

For security reasons you must prove your identity to the reception staff who will then supply a registration document with personalised access code.

You can only apply in person and we require the following information:

  • Photo Identification (ID) for the person making the application or alternatively a birth certificate if no photo ID is available.
  • A completed Patient Services Registration form (the form is also available at reception).

Once a patient reaches their 16th birthday, they will be required to Register themselves for an access code, to comply with confidentiality regulations.

Non-urgent advice: Having Problems?

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Safe and Secure

All data contained within Patient Services is protected using the highest standard internet security so you can be sure all your personal information is safe and secure.