Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We Ask That You

  1. Treat all healthcare staff in a reasonable, courteous manner.
  2. Be on time for appointments.
  3. Contact the practice in good time to cancel or rearrange an appointment. This will allow other patients to be seen in the time previously allocated to you.
  4. Telephone for a home visit before 10am.
  5. Only make use of a 24 hour emergency service in the event of a real emergency.
  6. Do not expect a prescription with every consultation.
  7. Lead a healthy lifestyle and take advice given to you by your doctor and primary healthcare staff.

All Our Patients Can Expect

  1. To receive information about services and treatment.
  2. To receive treatment which is safe and effective, based on the best available evidence.
  3. To be treated with dignity and respect.
  4. To be afforded privacy and confidentiality from all doctors and primary healthcare staff.
  5. To be informed and involved regarding all decisions about your care and treatment.
  6. To receive effective communication with patients, their families and carers.