Meet the Team


Dr David G A Rutledge

Joined us 1993

Dr Victoria Glazier

Joined us 2005

Dr Annelind Hurst

Joined us 2005

Dr Nick Smith

MBChB, BscMedSci(Hons), MRCGP
Joined us 2007

Dr Iain Innes

Joined us 2007

Dr Sarah Fancourt

Salaried GP
 Joined us September 2022

Dr Sheeja Kolangara Rajan

Joined us 2012

Dr Chris Wilkins

Joined us 2011

Dr George Leiper

Joined us 2015

Dr Zoe Maltin

Joined us 2015

Dr Snigdha Banik

Joined us 2019

Dr Fiona Marr

Joined us 2019

Dr Natalie Whitelaw

Joined us 2021

Dr Karen Chalmers

MBChB, MRCGP. Salaried GP
Joined us 2012

Dr Monica Milne

MBChB, MRCGP, FRCGP, MSC Public Health, Diploma in Family Planning. Salaried GP
Joined us 2015

Dr Gordon Pringle

MBChB, DRCOG, M.Med.Sci (Palliative Care). Salaried GP
(works at Rhynie Surgery)

Dr Natali Middleton

Joined us 2020

Dr Gunita Lauva

Salaried GP
Joined us 2020

Dr Eelaine Woon

MBChB, MRCGP. Salaried GP
Joined us August 2021

Dr Natali Middleton

Joined us 2020

Dr Shona Blues

MBChB, MRCGP, DFSRH, Diploma in medicine for the elderly
Locum GP
Joined us 2022

Nursing Team

Practice Nursing Team

Ann Landels

Treatment Room Nurse
Part Time

Carol Yildirim

Treatment Room Nurse
Part Time

Ciara Lawford

Treatment Room Nurse
Part Time

Louise Simpson

Treatment Room Nurse
Part Time

Karlin Moar

Treatment Room Nurse
Part Time

Kirsty Wild-Longmore

Treatment Room Nurse, Asthma Nurse, Smear Clinics
Part Time

Christine Calder

Asthma, COPD Nurse
Part Time

Gail Thomson

Asthma, INR, Dementia Nurse
Part Time

Liz Douglas

Cardiac Nurse
Part Time

Jenni Catto

Cardiac Nurse
Part Time

Gillian Bell

Diabetic, BP, Women’s Health Nurse
Part Time

Laura Mathers

Minor Surgery, Women’s Health Nurse
Part Time

Katrina Sharp

Minor Surgery,Women’s HealthNurse
Part Time

Jackie Lawson

Diabetic Nurse, Treatment Room Nurse
Part Time

In the above; BP means Blood Pressure, INR means International Normalised Ratio, COPD means Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Primary Care Technicians

Elaine Fletcher

Part Time

Christine Gowland

Part Time

Shona Dewar

Full Time

Penny Howe

Part Time (Rhynie)

District Nursing and Family Health Team

To contact the Family Health Team, please telephone Inverurie 01467 627753. Please be aware, this may be an answering machine.

Marie Balment Team Leader Health Visiting and School Nursing, Garioch (Full Time).

Nikki Forsyth Health Visiting and School Nursing Team Lead, Garioch (Full Time)

Deniece Eason Health Visitor (Full Time)

Val Meldrum Health Visitor (Part Time)

Tracey McIntosh Community Nursery Nurse (Part Time)

Maggie Paterson Health Visitor (Part Time)

Diane Robertson Community Nursery Nurse (Part Time)

Ann Donn Health Visitor Trainee (Part Time)

Kim McKay Health Visitor (Part Time)

Carole Napier Health Visitor (Part Time)

Carly Penny Health Visitor (Part Time)

Donna Gray Vaccination Nurse (Part Time)

Anne Dinnes Trainee Health Visitor (Part Time)

Alison Beange Community Nursing Teams Secretary (Part Time Mon – Wednesday)

To contact the District Nursing Team, please telephone Inverurie 01467 627758. Please be aware this may be an answering machine.

Alison Thomson  District Nurse Team Lead (Full Time)

Lorraine Grant Senior Community Staff Nurse (Full Time)

Jenny Rae Auxiliary and Phlebotomist (Part Time)

Jennifer Bell Community Nurse (Full Time)

Muriel Bruce District Nurse (Full Time)

Victoria Lawrence District Nurse (Full Time)

Jacqulyn Benton District Nurse (Part Time)

Nicola Cruickshank District Nurse (Part Time)

Wilma Nicolson District Nurse (Part Time)

Alison Paterson District Nurse (Part Time)

Morgan Angus District Nurse (Part Time)

Audrey Collie District Nurse (Part Time)

Gillian Elliot District Nurse (Part Time)

Karen Mitchell District Nurse (Full Time)

Laura Thomson District Nurse (Full Time)

Victoria Greig District Nurse (Part Time)

Midwifery Team and Community Care

To contact the Midwifery Team, please telephone Inverurie 01467 670941. Please be aware this may be an answering machine.

Judith Falconer

Central Aberdeenshire Midwifery Team Leader

Part Time

Laura Cox

Part Time

Caroline Smith

Part Time

Kelsey Morgan

Part Time

Rachel Hall

Part Time

Rachel Naysmith

Part Time

Paramedic Practitioners

Our Paramedic Practitioners are experienced Paramedics with further training to become General Practice Clinicians who can assess a wide range of medical conditions and arrange admissions and treatments, sometimes requiring further advice from GPs.

Mr Gordon Duncan

HCPC Registered Paramedic Independent Prescriber
Joined us 1993 (Full Time)

Ms Louise Glennie

BSc Paramedic Practice, State Reg Paramedic Independent Prescriber
Joined us 1993 (Full Time)

Practice Team

Mrs Julie Ross

Practice Manager

Full time

Mrs Ross is responsible for planning, organisation and administration of the practice. She would be happy to hear your views and suggestions about the services offered by the practice.

Ms Teresa Couch

Practice Services Manager

Full time

Mrs Valerie Rorie

Practice Systems Manager

Full time

Mrs Debbie Hunter

Practice Administration Manager Inverurie and Rhynie Coordinator

Full time

Ms Carol Rizza

Practice Reception Manager

(Job Share) Part time

Miss Katie Anderson

Practice Reception Manager

(Job Share) Full Time

Administration Staff

Miss Alison McCombie (Part Time)

Miss Denise Moir (Full Time)
Mrs Angela Henderson (Part Time)
Mrs Angela Edgar (Full Time)
Mrs Sally Barrack (Part Time)

Mrs Louise Thomson (Part Time)
Mrs Tracy Wilson (Part Time)
Mrs Margi Shand (Full Time)
Miss Ceilidh Alexander (Full Time)

Miss Lisa Reilly

Mrs Caroline Mackland (Part Time)

Mrs Kerry Bremner (Part Time)
Mrs Kaye McKay (Part Time)
Ms Susan Thomson (Part Time)
Mrs Marie Robertson (Part Time)
Mrs Jackie Lawrence (Full Time)
Mrs Julia Hay (Part Time)
Mrs Lorna Downie (Part Time)
Ms Lorraine Grant (Part Time)
Mrs Caroline Fyfe (Part Time)
Mrs Donna MacDonald (Part Time)
Miss Meghan Bruce (Part Time)
Ms Andrea Campbell (Part-time)

Ms Louise O’Brien (Part Time)

Mrs Christina Crawford Dispensary Manager (Part Time)
Ms Fiona Orr (Part Time)
Ms Penny Howe (Part Time)
Mrs Melissa Fisher (Part Time)

Mrs Jenny Scott (Part Time)
Miss Nicola Hadden (Part Time)

Attached Healthcare Team

A Pharmacy Team is attached to the practice and based at the surgery.

Their role is to review prescribing and may be contacted regarding your medication.

General Practitioner Registrars and Students

For many years our practice has been involved in the training of medical students, GP Registrars and student nurses. You may therefore find a student present during your consultation but remember you do have the right to refuse to have them sit in. We regularly have young doctors working in the practice for a year to complete their training for general practice. These doctors have usually been qualified for three years before they join us and have been working in a range of hospital jobs to give them a broad experience of medicine.

Practices which are involved in training are visited from time to time by a panel of other doctors to check that the practice is of a high standard. As part of this assessment the doctors may check the quality of patients’ records. If you would object to your records being seen in this way please let us know.

As part of the GP Registrar training,  they carry out a video surgery each week. Patients will be informed that it is a video surgery at the time of booking the appointment. Patients will be required to complete a consent form before the start of the video consultation.